22 December 2019

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14 December 2019

An out of the ordinary day for us on Tuesday 10 December. Two of our sleeper sponsors had told us that they wanted to lay and fit their own sleepers and so we made arrangements for them to come along and do just that. So at 11am HSNGRS members Jackie and Kevin Mouzer arrived and under supervision, laid and ballasted their sleepers. At 12 noon likewise Lee Hill and Stuart Reed. Our band of volunteers were there to supervise them and fetch the required ballast. The team then some adjustments along parts of the track, slewing and adjusting.where necessary. Apart from a little more track to be provided on the bridges, this section of relaid track on the old trackbed of the Southwold Railway at Halesworth is now complete. We thank all our sleeper sponsors for their support for this project. Without them we could not have got it done. Around 1 pm the weather deteriorated so we all retired to warmth of the Olive Cafe at Holton Garden Centre where we had our pre Christmas celebration. Tuesday workdays now cease until 6th January. There is one Sunday workday left before Christmas and that is this Sunday at our Workshop.



4 December 2019

Halesworth’s own loco No.2 ‘Halesworth’ in original Southwold Railway livery.

4 December 2019

The Society’s new van.

19 November 2019

The weather was kind today and we laid another 12 yards of track on the original trackbed at Bird’s Folly Halesworth, making 51 yards in total on this stretch. Many thanks to our hard working volunteers, Dave, Harry, Alan, Richard, Stewart, James and Ken.


23 October 2019

Another 6 yards panel of track, sleepers and ballast laid on 22 October 2019 by our dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers in accordance with full permission granted by and with the blessing of the Halesworth Millennium Green Trust (HMGT). We have now laid 1 1/2 chains (a form of measurement used by the original Southwold Railway) which equates to 33 yards. We have another chain (22 yards) to lay on this stretch plus a panel on Bridge No.2.
We deployed our permanent way trolley for the first time today and it proved very useful, as it helped us move sleepers and ballast up the lengthening line. It was a gift from our friends at the Mid-Suffolk Railway, who also kindly re-gauged it to our 3 foot gauge. Apart from a 6 yards panel of rails laid on the bridge in 2000 by HMGT as part of the Millennium celebrations, these are the first rails laid on this part of the Southwold Railway trackbed since 1941 when they were taken up and used as scrap by HM Government as part of the war effort.

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16 June 2019

HSNGR Achievements list June 2019

1 June 2019 – We have set up a track bed fund called the Halesworth Junction Track Fund for which we are inviting sponsorship. Details are in the below leaflet:

Leaflet A5  fund temporary June 2019

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The track we re-laid at Bird’s Folly Halesworth in May 2019. We have permission to lay more.


Another view of the track by the Society in May 2019 on the Bridge at Bird’s Folly Halesworth


Work carried out by the Society at the loco shed in Bird’s Folly Halesworth


Work continues on our diesel hydraulic loco ‘Holton’ 


Work continues on our Diesel Hydraulic loco ‘Holton’

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